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MENU (english)

50/10               Red caviar                                              250
  Red caviar with butter and greenery
80/60/60          Herring                                                   180
  sliced lightly-salted herring with boiled potato
80/15/10          Salmon                                                   270
  thin sliced lightly-salted salmon with greenery & lemon
80/65/30          Boiled tongue                                         200
  Boiled beef tongue & marinated vegetatables, mustard & greens
80/80/80          Assorty fresh vegetables                         240
  Cucumbers, tomatoes, bell pepper
100/45/45/15   Home style pickles                                   180
  sour kraut, pickled tomatoes & cucumbers, marinated garlic
  sticks & marinated garlic

180/10/10        Marinated mushrooms with onions & oil  180
  Marinated mushrooms with onions & oil
200/5               Aubergine Roll                                        220
  Aubergines stuffed with chicken and vegetables
80/10/10         Salmon carpacco                                      220
  sliced lightly-salted salmon with "Parmesan" cheese & lemon
80/10/10         Beef carpacco                                          240
  sliced beef with "Parmesan" cheese & lemon
100/50            Salmon tar-tar                                         220
  salmon chunks in capers-lemon marinade with egg quenelle
100/50            Beef tar-tar                                             240
  beef chunks in mustard-lemon marinade with egg quenelle
80/40/20         Gravlax                                                    230
  sliced fresh-salted salmon with mustard sauce
40/40/20/40/40 Assorted meat                                       430
  boiled tongue, boiled pork, basturma (cured meat), chicken & roast beef
40/40/25/15/30/15 Assorted fish                                    490
  cold-smoked sturgeon, cold-smoked halibut, hot-smoked cel, shrimps,
  "Kiwi" mussels

100/100/100/100  Assorted seafood                               620
  Shrimps, scallops, salmon & mussels
190                     Green salads                                       190
  vegetables, asparagus & soya with salad dressing
220                   "Aristocrat"                                          220
  soft mousse with "Philadelphia" cheese & shrimps on marinated peach halves
220                    Greek salad                                          220
  fresh vegetables & black olives with " Feta" cheese on lettuce with olive oil
200                   "Mozzarella"                                          200
  "Mozzarella" cheese with tomatoes, olive oil & basilic
220                    Olivie 1917                                           220
  According to the recipe of the salad of 1917 with smoked duck,  
  beef tongue and red caviar

175                    Salmon salad                                        175
  lightly-salad salmon with boiled vegetables & home stile mayonnaise
230                    Salad with crawfish tails                       230
  crawfish tails, vegetables, artichokes & mushrooms with mayonnaise & anchovice
190                  "Caesar" salad                                        190
  caesar salad, chicken & croutons with anchovies sauce & "Parmesan"
250                  "Caesar" salad with salmon                    250
  Lettuce leaves, salmon & shrimps  
  with "Parmesan" cheese under the anchovies sauce

200                   Seafood salad                                       200
  seafood cocktail with avocado chunks & cherry tomatoes on lettuce leaves
180                   Duck breast salad                                  180
  smoked duck breast on lettuce leaves with apple in sour-sweet sauce
  with cedar nut

200/50              Stuffed champignons                            270
  baked mushroom caps stuffed with cheese & bacon with "blue cheese"
150/40              Mussles "Kiwi"                                       270
  baked musseles with cheese, lemon & white wine sauce
225                   Risotto with mushrooms                      270
  Italian rise with mushrooms in "Parmesan" cheese cup
150/30              Tiger shrimps                                        400
  shrimps on golden zucchini with "Berblan" sauce
250                   Penne with piquant tomato sauce       230
  lightly-salad salmon with boiled vegetables & home stile mayonnaise
220                   Pasta-pesto                                         260
  tagliatelle Italian pasta cooked with tomato sauce and pepper
250                  "Carbonare" spaghetti                          280
  spaghetti with fried bacon in creamy egg sauce  
250                   Pasta with salmon and red caviar         360
  spaghetti with salmon slices & red caviar in creamy sauce with
  "Parmesan" cheese

320                    Pasta with seafood                             390
  Tagliatelle with seafood and "White wine" sauce
250/20                Borsch                                                200
  Ukranian borsch with croutons
250                    Goulash                                               200
  hungarian soup with meat & pepers  
250/50/20           Solyanka                                             220
  hang over soup made of beef tea with assorted meat
250/30                Mushroom noodle soupe                     220
  noodle soup with mushrooms under puff pastry cover
250/35/20/20       Bouillabaisse                                       320
  seafood soup with "Ajoly" garlic sauce, cheese & wheaten toasts
 Wheaten pancakes
 100/20 with butter                         70
 100/40 with sour cream                   90
 100/40 with jam                             90
 100/50 with ligthtly-salted salmon  120
 100/30 with red caviar                  180
 100/80/60 "Aristocrat"                170
  with vegetables & cream souce
 100/200 "Kamchatka" pancakes   160
  with crab meat
140/100/50          "Rainbow" trout                                470
 trout stuffed with salmon mousse in "Bashamel" sauce with vegetables
125/90/50             Pike-perch with chanterelles             440
 fried pike-perch fillet with grapes & chanterelles. Served with crisps of
 home style noodle & "Green" sauce

140/100/40           Scallop                                              450
 fried scallop with tiger shrimps in puff pastry with "Termidor" sauce
150/100/5            Halibut "Parmesan"                            460
 filleted halibut baked with "Parmesan" sauce
 and "Risotto" rice

140/100/40          Tuna fish with tiger shrimps               490
 tuna steak, boiled potatoes & shrimps with lemon-oil sauce
100/120/30          Dorado                                               520
 dorado baked in sea salt with grilled vegetables, lemon & olive oil
120/130/60          Baked sibas fillet                                 510
 sibas fillet with fried mushrooms, beans, & sun-dried tomatoes in
 "Anisic" sauce

220/100/50          Salmon in dough                                 540
 baked filleted salmon
 with vegetable lasagne and shrimp sauce

85/150               "Nicoise" medallions                              530
 fried fillet of sole & sibas on a bed of fresh vegetables, basil & Ruccola lettuce
140/100/50         Tiger shrimps                                        640
 fried tiger shrimps with "Risotto" rice in "Bisque" sauce
150/100/5           Shish kebab of seafood                        600
 Seafood grilled with fried orange segments
140/120/50         Pork chop                                            390
 fried pork with potato, marinated vegetables & pepper sauce.
 Served on a frying-pan

150/70/50          Rabbit                                                  430
 leg of rabbit stuffed with cheese on a potato bed with piquant sauce.
150/145/50        Pork medallion                                      430
 fried pork medallions with baked potato & leek
 with pomegranate sauce

200                   Beef cut                                                 490
300 grilled beef cut with baked potato & boiled corn             590
 with "Bernes" sauce

130/120/50       Beef café de paris                                   590
 fried beef with asparagus in bacon & baked tomato.
 Served on a frying-pan

150/120/50       Tequila steak                                          530
 beef steak flamed in tequila with vegetables & Mexican sauce
90/90/25           Foie gras cutlet                                      600
 fried duck liver with fruits & "Balsamique" sauce
150/100/50        Duck breast                                           590
 duck breast roll with "Chevre" cheese baked in "Filo" dough with
 vegetables & cranberry sauce

140/130/50        Lamb                                                    650
 fried lamb ribs with "Madera" sauce. Served with  
 spinach strudel and "Feta" cheese

 Chef's new dishes
150/170/50        Kebab                                                   460
 Classical turkish kebab with stuffed tomato and "Adjika" sauce
100/120/50        Beef Stroganoff                                    490
 beef baked with vegetables in cream sauce  
 and baked mashed potato

150/200/5          Beef in salt                                           620
 beef undercut baked in sea salt with stuffed courgette
250/120/5          Kiev rissole                                           550
 golden rissole fried up to crispy crust with french fried potato
 The word fondue comes from the French word fondue
 and it means to melt or to blend. Fondue is popular again because it`s fun
 delicious. A fondue party is a great way to have a dinner party or it is time
 for a dialog between friends or in a family. That one who loses the slice of  
 bread, meat or something else in a pot, should execute
 desire of others, that it usually very funny.

450/120           Cheese fondue  for tow                            550
 molten cheese in wine with nutmeg & toasts
225/210           Meat fondue     for tow                            650
 raw piece of beef , pork, chicken with "Pepper",  
 "Chili" and "Curry-Pineapple" sauces

200/210           Fish fondue       for tow                            750
 tiger shrimps, marine scallops, squids with "Tar-tar", "Wite wine"
 and "Chilli" sauce

300/450           Fruit fondue      for two                            800
 strawberry, kiwi, pineapple with hot chocolate
 Enjoy fondue…
200                 Shrimps                                                    230
 boiled shrimps in beer with species
80                   Basturma                                                 190
 beef jerky with greens & olives
250/10            Chicken wings                                           330
 deep-fried chicken wings with piquant "Tobasco" sauce
200                 Cheese balls                                              260
 deep-fried cheese in a pastry with "Bluecheese" sauce
50                   Bread sticks                                               90
 crispy bread with garlic and spices
120                  Ice-cream                                                  160
 Vanilla, chocolate, fruit, karamel, walnut
 served on a frying-pan.

150/50/30        Apple strudel                                             170
 Viennes Apple strudel with vanilla ice-cream,
 strawberry & vanilla sauce.

90/100/22        Poppy-seeds cake                                      170
 tender poppy-seeds cake with caramel & chocolate
 sauce with wild berries.

120                  Panacota                                                   160
 Traditional Italian dessert
100/50/30        Cheese Cake                                               170
 delicate cheese cake
100                  Sambuk                                                     150
 strawberry mousse from the Chef
100                 Strawberry                                                 220
 fresh strawberry with cream
150/30/15      "Aristocrat" cake                                          270
 delisiouse dessert
200                 Assorted French cheese                              360
 with fresh berries and walnut
1.400               Fruit vase                                                   900
 strawberries, blackcurrant, grapes, kiwi, pineapple,
 oranges, pears, plums.




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